Christian Unisex Names Starting With B

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Baby Baby unisex 72
Barbara A traveler from a foreign land ; a stranger unisex 87
Bart The son of the farmer unisex 79
Beatrice One who blesses others unisex 73
Beatriz Brings joy unisex 59
Beau Handsome unisex 76
Beckett Bee cottage unisex 51
Bellingham The one who lives near the home of bear unisex 95
Belot It resembles a famous card game unisex 74
Belvine An old English name that is part of a burg unisex 74
Bennett Blessed unisex 81
Bennie Son of my right unisex 83
Berenice Victory bringer unisex 66
Bertha One who is famously bright and beautiful unisex 52
Billy Will unisex 56
Blaise One with a lisp or a stutter / a fiery man unisex 77
Blanca White unisex 62
Bobbie Bright fame unisex 61
Bradford From the wide ford unisex 80
Bradynn Resembling salmon / from the wide valley unisex 92
Braelynn Combination of braeden and lynn unisex 82
Brandy A woman wielding a sword ; an alcoholic drink unisex 78
Brannon Son of bran unisex 92
Brantley Sword unisex 67
Brayan Noble unisex 70
Breanna From the high hill ; one who ascends unisex 51
Bret A breton unisex 53
Brett A man from britain or brittany unisex 67
Briann Strong unisex 67
Brianne Noble unisex 55
Briar   unisex 79
Bridget A strong and protective woman ; in mythology , goddess of fire , wisdom , and poetry unisex 93
Bridgette The exalted one unisex 54
Brodie Muddy place unisex 81
Brody Muddy place unisex 57
Brogan Shoe unisex 84
Brooklynn Uncertain unisex 83
Bryann Strong unisex 99
Bryce One who is alert ; ambitious unisex 81
Brycen Son of brice unisex 61
Brynn Hill unisex 68
Bryson Son of brice unisex 51
Buddy Herald or messenger unisex 67