Christian Unisex Names Starting With H

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Haleigh Hay clearing or unisex 81
Halle As solid as a rock unisex 53
Halley From the field of hay unisex 50
Hallie From the hall ; woman of the sea ; from the field of hay unisex 67
Harvey One who is ready for battle / a strong man unisex 95
Haydenn From the hedged valley unisex 78
Hazell Hazelnut unisex 99
Hendrix Home ruler unisex 70
Herbert Bright army unisex 72
Heriberto Illustrious warrior unisex 80
Herman A soldier unisex 69
Hezekiah Power from god unisex 62
Hilary A cheerful woman unisex 62
Hilda Battle ; war unisex 89
Hillary A cheerful woman unisex 77
Hiruharama Jerusalem unisex 92
Holly One who is pious or sacred unisex 72
Homer Pledge or hostage unisex 80
Horace Hour unisex 86
Hosanna Deliver us unisex 62
Houston Hugh's town unisex 54
Hubert Having a shining intellect unisex 56
Hugo Mind unisex 89
Humberto Famous giant. unisex 79
Hunter A great huntsman and provider unisex 77