Gujarat Boy Names Starting With I

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Ibrahim; Ibraham Father of a multitude; a Prophet's name (Abraham); Earth boy 52
Idhant Luminous boy 98
Ikshan Sight boy 52
Indeevar Blue lotus boy 99
Inder; Indra The god of weather and war; Lord of the devas boy 83
Inderpal Protector of Indra; Variant of 'Inder' boy 62
Indra God of the skies boy 99
Indrajit Victor over Indra boy 51
Indranil Another Name of Lord Shiva; Sapphire; Blue Stone boy 56

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boy 94
Iravan King of ocean boy 58
Iravat Rain clouds boy 57
Ishan The lord of wealth boy 77
Ishat Superior boy 57
Ishayu Full of strength boy 88
Ishwar powerful, the supreme god boy 65