Karnataka Boy Names Starting With A

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Aabhas Feeling, Virtual boy 93
Aabhat Shining, Visible, Brilliant boy 52
Aabheer Cow herd boy 70
Aabheer; Abheer A cow herd boy 65
Aabir Gulal boy 89
Aacharya A prominent religious teacher and spiritual guide, Teacher boy 91
Aachman Intake of a sip of water before a Yagya, Puja boy 80
Aadamya Apne Dam par boy 79
Aadarsh Ideal boy 56
Aadavan The Sun boy 70
Aadesh command boy 67
Aadesh; Adesh Message; Order; Command boy 74
Aadhar Base boy 88
Aadhav Ruler boy 68
Aadhavan The Sun boy 79
Aadhiren Dark boy 81
Aadhiroop Honest, Independent, Original boy 77
Aadhish Full of wisdom, Intelligent, Commanded, Counselled boy 59
Aadhyatm Dhyan boy 85
Aadi Beginning, important, First boy 57
Aadidev the first God boy 71
Aadijay The first victory boy 89
Aadijith First victory boy 54
Aadiksh Expressive; Diplomatic; Refined boy 60
Aadil; Adil Justice; Sincere boy 79
Aadim Entire universe, First, Foundation, Original boy 53
Aadinath the first God boy 51
Aadipta Bright boy 64
Aadish Full of wisdom, Intelligent, Commanded, Counselled boy 100
Aadishankar Sri shankaracharya, Founder of Adwaitha philosophy boy 93
Aadit Peak boy 63
Aaditey Son of Aditi, The Sun boy 74
Aaditeya son of Aditi boy 93
Aadith Peak, Lord of the Sun, First boy 76
Aadithya Aditis son, The Sun, Sun God boy 88
Aadithyakethu One of the kauravas boy 67
Aaditva Variant of aditya: the Sun boy 57
Aaditya The Sun boy 63
Aadiv Delicate boy 99
Aadvay Unique, One, United, With no duplicate boy 66
Aadvik Unique boy 71
Aadya The earliest, Lord Shiva unisex 83
Aadyant Infinite from Adi to ant, From begining to end boy 66
Aadyot Praise, Brilliant boy 59
Aagam coming, arrival boy 96
Aaghosh Quiet, Soundless boy 75
Aagney Son of Fire boy 58
Aagneya Son of the fire boy 67
Aagniv Honest Person boy 59
Aahaan Dawn, Sunrise, Morning glory, First Ray of light, One who is of the nature of time itself boy 66