Muslim Boy Names Starting With O

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Obaid Small slave boy 92
Obama African name meaning "blessed". boy 61
Olka Homeland boy 73
Omair Problem solver boy 93
Omar First son; Disciple; Gifted Speaker; Famous; An era; Name of the second Caliph-(Khalifah); an era boy 55
Omeed Hope boy 75
Omeir Long living boy 80
Omid Hope boy 93
Omran Solid structure boy 76
Ons Gladness boy 64
Onshuda Chant boy 70
Onsi One who brings calm and gladness to the heart boy 61
Oraibia Keen boy 98
Ormazd Divinity of wisdom boy 60
Osaf A good dancer boy 89
Osama Lion like boy 98
Osman It is the name of the third Caliph in Islam boy 94
Ossama One of the names of the lion boy 60
Oula First boy 86
Ovais A companion of the prophet (Saw) boy 95
Owais A companion of the prophet (Saw) boy 58
Owaisi Brave; Gifted talented boy 77
Owaisy Brave; Gifted talented boy 61
Ozhan Thrower boy 90