Punjab Boy Names Starting With I

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Ibadat Ibadat means 'to worship' boy 67
Ijjatpal Protector of dignity boy 94
Ijjatwant Highly dignified boy 67
Ijkaagar State of peace boy 84
Ik Onkar  One creator boy 73
Ikhtiar Master boy 74
Ikjeet It is a Sikh name that means victorious boy 78
Ikman One mind heart mind soul boy 75
Ikongkar One creator boy 92
Ikpreet Divine love from God boy 74
Ikroop Oneness with God boy 98
Imrat Love boy 50
Indarbir Lord of bravery boy 70
Indardeep Light Of God boy 61
Indarjeeet Victory Of The Lord boy 91
Indarjot God's light boy 59
Indarmeet Friend of the almighty God boy 53
Indarpal Preserver Of God boy 77
Indarpreet Love For God boy 90
Indarprem Love For God boy 58
Indarsukh Peace with God boy 85
Indartej God's glory boy 90
Inder Another name for Lord Indra boy 100
Inderbir God's warrior; Strength of Lord Indra; Lord of bravery boy 88
Inderdeep Light Of The Lord boy 63
Inderharjeet The victory of the Lord boy 99
Inderjeet Victorious God of Heaven; Triumph of the Lord; Conqueror of Lord Indra; Triumph of the God boy 58
Inderjit Victory boy 92
Inderjot God's light boy 69
Indermaan Respect for God boy 53
Indermeet A friend of the Lord boy 88
Indermohan God of heavens; Sweetheart boy 75
Inderpal Protector of Indra; Variant of 'Inder' boy 62
Inderpreet Love for God boy 75
Indertek God's support boy 81
Inderveer God's warrior; Strength of Lord Indra boy 53
Indervir God's warrior; Strength of Lord Indra; Lord of bravery boy 53
Indirjot Indirjot means light of the gods boy 50
Indirpreet Indirpreet means 'lover of God' boy 93
Indirveer Warrior of God boy 57
Indirvir God of heavens warrior boy 62
Indivar Lord Vishnu boy 58
Indrajit Victor over Indra boy 51
Iqbaljeet Glorious victory boy 67
Ishapreet Love of divinity boy 71
Isharjeet God's victory boy 96
Isharjot God's light boy 50
Isharmeet Friend of God boy 70
Isharpal Protected by God boy 54
Isharpreet Love of God boy 50