Punjab Boy Names Starting With N

Name Meaning Gender šŸ’“Popular
Naamadhar Support of naam boy 86
Naamadol The individual is given a name boy 86
Naamahar He will be known by this special name boy 59
Naamanand A prominent person by virtue of his name boy 80
Naambhagat One who follows God religiously boy 50
Naambir The bold and religious person boy 97
Naamcheet Remembering the Lord's name boy 95
Naamchetan He is aware of the power of his name boy 61
Naamdarshan The name has a bright future boy 74
Naamdheer Committed to family name and clan boy 99
Naamdhian The person is known by his name boy 60
Naamdhun A melodious nameĀ  boy 99
Naamjeevan He who gets fameĀ  boy 56
Naamjodh Warrior absorbed in naam boy 86
Naamjog Union with naam boy 74
Naamjot A bright faced name boy 87
Naamnidhan Treasure of naam boy 50
Naamniranjan One as immaculate as naam boy 63
Naamnivas Dwelling in naam boy 96
Naamprakash Radiating the light of Naam boy 91
Naampreet Love for Naam; One who loves the Lords being boy 69
Naamraman One absorbed in naam boy 62
Naamrang Imbued in naam boy 63
Naamsaihaj Tranquillity in naam boy 100
Naamsangat One who longs to be in naam boy 95
Naamshant Finding peace through naam boy 63
Naamsharan Naamsharan means,"the one who protects his name" boy 91
Naamteerath The holy place of Naam boy 65
Naamuttam Exalted in naam boy 52
Naamvichar Reflection on consciousness boy 63
Nabdeep Light; The ever new light; New lamp; boy 55
Nagander The Sun boy 61
Naginder Lord of mountain boy 60
Naginderbir Brave mountain boy 86
Naindeep Eyes full of light boy 73
Naininder God in the eyes boy 89
Naintaar Eyes full of light boy 67
Naitarpal Protector of the eyes boy 50
Namgeet One whose life is the song of naam boy 58
Namitpal Humble protector boy 79
Namjeet A victory of Lord's name boy 61
Namjeev One who lives absorbed in naam; Poet; Saint boy 66
Namleen Absorbed in the Lord's essence boy 50
Nampal Protector of naam boy 69
Nampreet Love for Naam; One who loves the Lords being boy 86
Namprem Love for the name of God boy 82
Namratan Jewel of a name boy 92
Namritabir Humble and brave boy 87
Namritadeep Humble lamp boy 81
Namritajeet Victory of politeness boy 91