Punjab Boy Names Starting With P

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Paawanjeet The pure and innocent will be protected boy 79
Padamdeep Thousand billions; Of regions; Of Lotus petaled lamps boy 52
Padamjeet The victory of the lotus boy 92
Padamjot Light of the lotus boy 68
Padampal A man who loves Lord Krishna boy 65
Padampreet Love for the lotus boy 68
Padamprem A devout follower of Lord Krishna boy 75
Palbinder Moments spent with Lord boy 81
Palwinderjeet The victory of the moments spent with Lord boy 79
Palwinderjot Light of Lord's moments boy 65
Palwinderpal Protector of Lord's moments boy 53
Pankaj mud born, lotus boy 76
Pankajdeep Light of lotus boy 86
Pankajeet eagle (Garuda) boy 96
Pankajpreet Love of lotus boy 69
Paramaadhar Taking the highest support boy 60
Paramajeet Victory of supreme boy 81
Paramarath A spiritual person boy 71
Paramatam Supreme soul boy 78
Parambodh Greatest gnostic boy 70
Paramdaya Most compassionate one boy 91
Paramdesh The highest God boy 93
Paramdev A godly person boy 56
Paramdharam Superior religion boy 53
Paramdheer Having the greatest patience boy 98
Paramgat Liberation from all bonds boy 70
Paramgeet The highest song of bliss boy 96
Paramhans the supreme spirit boy 67
Paramhet Of supreme Love of God boy 70
Paraminder Supreme God of Heaven boy 71
Paramjaap Meditation of supreme God boy 68
Paramjas Praises of God boy 87
Paramjeet Highest success boy 84
Paramjeevan Living the most exalted life boy 66
Paramjit Highest victory boy 95
Paramjodh Greatest warrior boy 51
Paramjog One uniting with the highest boy 51
Paramjot The highest light; God's light; Flame of the supreme boy 72
Paramjugat Union with God boy 60
Paramkamal Supreme lotus flower boy 73
Paramkeerat One who sings God's glories boy 91
Paramnaam Supreme name boy 88
Paramnek Having the highest virtue boy 74
Paramnidhan Possessing the highest treasure boy 86
Paramnihal Having the supreme happiness boy 51
Paramniranjan Most immaculate one boy 95
Paramnirmal Purest one boy 77
Paramnivas A resident of the highest abode boy 94
Parampal Highest success; God; The caretaker boy 88
Paramprakash Supreme light boy 83