Punjab Boy Names Starting With S

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Sabar Nectar, Distinguished boy 95
Sabhajit The essence of Love; Favour; Fortune of Love of God boy 76
Sabjeet The essence of Love; Favor; Fortune of Love of God boy 75
Sabnidhaan Patience boy 56
Sabooree Winner of every thing boy 57
Sabrinapreet One having all treasure; Contented boy 50
Sachamrit Contentment boy 65
Sachbhagat Love for patience boy 59
Sachdeep Light of truth boy 79
Sachdev A true devotee of God; Light of truth boy 87
Sachdhian Light of truth boy 52
Sachgian A truly godly person; Rainbow; Absorbed in the true one boy 72
Sachjog Absorbed in the true one boy 56
Sachkeerat One with the knowledge of the truth; Lord Brahma boy 68
Sachman Singing the praises of God; Union with the true one boy 93
Sachpal One absorbed in truth boy 78
Sachpradhan The one absorbed in truth, In God boy 79
Sachpreet Protector of truth; True at heart boy 89
Sachprem One in whom truth is predominant boy 91
Sachroop Lord Indra; Love for the truth boy 56
Sachsev The real Love; The Love of God boy 54
Sachsevak Love for the truth boy 86
Sachtek Servant of truth boy 66
Sachuttam One who attains true peace boy 66
Sachveer One who attains true peace; Taking the support of the truth boy 64
Sadanaam Friend; Bravely upholding the truth; True and the best one boy 55
Sadeepak Bravely upholding the truth; Achiever boy 83
Sadhnah Eternal Lord boy 54
Sadhpreet Everlasting true name boy 51
Sadhu Eternal lamp; Flame boy 64
Sadipak Bravely upholding the truth; Achiever boy 65
Sadjeevan Tolerance boy 72
Sadka Practice boy 81
Sadsukh Loving devotion boy 55
Sagaljeet Saintly person boy 72
Sagaljot Eternal lamp; Flame boy 76
Sagalpreet Immortal life boy 51
Sagar Sea, ocean boy 80
Sahib the Lord boy 55
Sahildeep Victory for all boy 82
Sahilijeet Light for all boy 52
Sahilmeet Love for all boy 78
Sahilpreet Dew; Ocean; Sea boy 94
Saihaj Coastal victory boy 50
Saihajadhar Friendly coast boy 80
Saihajanand Dawn; Daybreak boy 100
Saihajdeep Peaceful and equipoised person boy 93
Saihajdharam One founded in peace and bliss boy 79
Saihajdhiaan Imbued in nectar and equipoise boy 93
Saihajdhun One with blissful tranquillity boy 59