Punjab Girl Names Starting With H

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Hamreet Beloved of god; Friend of god girl 57
Haneet Beautiful girl 59
Hanit Happiness; Spade girl 62
Hansa Swan girl 54
Haramrit God's immortalising nectar girl 78
Haranjan To stay in the eyes of God girl 90
Harbakhs God's gift girl 100
Harbir Warrior of God girl 51
Hardipa Lamp of God girl 85
Hargeet Lords blissful songs girl 82
Hargurmeet God and gurus friend girl 74
Hariamrit Nectar of God girl 71
Haridatta God's gift girl 55
Harigun Virtuous God girl 54
Harjap One who meditates on the Lord girl 55
Harjit; Harjeet Victorious through God's Grace girl 71
Harjot God's Light girl 74
Harkeerat One who sings God's praises girl 70
Harkiran The ray of God's Light girl 78
Harlaxmi Deities of fortune girl 64
Harleen Absorbed in God girl 67
Harmansukh Peace from God's heart girl 67
Harminder God of heaven girl 66
Harneez Equal treatment to all girl 93
Harnoor God's Gift girl 66
Haroop Beautiful God girl 58
Harpal One protected by God girl 97
Harpooj Worshipping God girl 97
Harpreet One who loves God girl 78
Harpreetkour Loving each girl 94
Harroop Beautiful God girl 57
Harseerat God's Wisdom girl 68
Harseetal Peaceful through remembering God girl 71
Harshagun God's Greetings girl 66
Harsharan One who takes shelter in the Lord girl 87
Harshardha Faith in God girl 53
Harsimran Remembering god unisex 91
Harsimranjodh Warrior in remembrance of God girl 98
Harsimranjot Light of remembrance of God girl 53
Harsimransukh Peace with the remembrance of God girl 50
Harsimrat God's remebrance girl 70
Harsleen Who remembering god girl 67
Harsukh Peaceful through dwelling on God girl 58
Heera diamond girl 91
Hema Golden girl 74
Hera Queen of Gods girl 94
Hetpaul Protector of Love girl 76
Hir Powerful, Power, Diamond, Darkness girl 79
Hoojoe Guard girl 74
Hualeena Light girl 53