Quranic Boy Names Starting With H

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Haaiz Getter boy 97
Haalah Aureole boy 52
Hadahid Hoopoes boy 83
Hadal Peaceful boy 54
Hadir Good mannered boy 51
Haelah Exceptional boy 97
Haib Greatness boy 69
Haibaa Gravity boy 50
Haibah Majesty boy 72
Hajid One who sleeps boy 52
Hajir Another name of God; Present; Ready boy 66
Halif Ally; Confederate boy 64
Halil Clear boy 100
Halul Heavy boy 100

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boy 75
Harut One of the two angels sent to Babel boy 96
Hasil Producer boy 91
Hasim One who is decisive haseem , haseam , hasiem , haseim , hasym boy 85
Hayl Heaped sand boy 81
Hazir Another name of God; Present; Ready boy 58
Hazzar One who laughs often boy 88
Hend Group of Camels that number from 100 to 200 boy 73
Huzair Laughter boy 62