Sanskrit Boy Names Starting With T

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Taalank Another name of Lord Shiva; Auspicious boy 75
Taalin Musical; Lord Shiva boy 73
Taalish Lord of the Earth; Mountain; Glittering; Bright boy 52
Taamas Darkness boy 54
Taantav Son; A woven cloth boy 64
Taarak Star; Pupil of an eye; Protector boy 65
Taaraksh Star eyed; Mountain boy 96
Taarik Method; Way; Mode; Manner; One who crosses the river of life; Morning star boy 82
Taayin Gaurdian boy 65
Takshin Wood cutter; Carpenter boy 78
Talav Flute; Musician boy 75
Tanas He who is humble  boy 93
Tanay Son, belonging to one's family boy 70
Tanmay absorbed, moderate boy 51
Tanshu Quite a nature; Attractive boy 82
Tanuj son boy 73
Tapan hot season boy 86
Tapat Born of the Sun; Warming boy 55
Tapeshwar Lord shiva boy 72
Tapit Refined gold; Purified boy 74
Tarak protector boy 52
Tarakeshwar Lord Shiva boy 70
Taraknath Lord Shiva boy 57
Tarani boat, sun unisex 53
Tarant Thunder; Ocean boy 100
Tarish Raft; Boat; Competent person; The ocean boy 65
Tarshit Thirsty; Desirous boy 92
Tarun young boy 78
Tathya Fact; Truth; Lord Shiva boy 55
Taulik Painter boy 59
Tavalin One with God in meditation; Religious; Meditative boy 64
Tavasya Strength boy 98
Tavish Heaven boy 74
Tej swift boy 65
Tejas lustre; brilliance boy 61
Tejasvin Lustrous or bright or radiant or intelligent; Brave; Powerful; Celebrated; Energetic; Noble; Brilliant boy 62
Tejendra One who is bright faced boy 64
Tejit Whetted; Sharpened boy 50
Tejus Radiant energy; Brilliance boy 74
Thalesh God of land boy 52
Thathathan Lord Buddha boy 79
Thejus Radiant energy; Brilliance boy 70
Thilang Name of a Raga boy 75
Thirupati Sri Venkateswara; Mahavirat, the famous name and fame in the world; Suitable for boys boy 95
Tilak ornamental mark on fore-head boy 88
Timit Calm; Tranquil; Stedy; Quiet; Constant boy 59
Titikshu Enduring patiently; Patience boy 51
Tosh Pleasure; Satisfaction boy 65
Toshin Satisfied boy 70
Toshit Pleasant; Satisfied boy 88