Sanskrit Girl Names Starting With M

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Maagha Name of a Nakshathra, Months name girl 66
Maala Garland girl 73
Maalavi Princess, A musical Raag girl 98
Maalika Daughter, Queen, Owner, A garland, Jasmine, Intoxicating drink girl 73
Maalini Fragrant, Jasmine, Gardener, Another name for Goddess Durga and the Ganges, A garland maker, Wearing a garland girl 72
Maanasa Conceived in the mind girl 61
Maanasi With a sound mind, A lady, Intellectual or spiritual endeavour, Another name for Saraswati girl 99
Maanavi Girl with humanity, One who poses all best qualities girl 99
Maanavika Young girl girl 86
Maandavi Consort of Bharat in Ramayan, Fit, Competent, Administrator girl 60
Maandhari Honourable girl 74
Maanini Lady, Nobel, Women, Self respected girl 57
Maansi Intellectual or spiritual endeavour, Another name for Goddess Saraswati girl 54
Maanushi Woman, Goddess Laxmi, Kind girl 62
Maarisha Worthy, Respectable girl 57
Maatangi Goddess of Matanga, Goddess Durga girl 90
Maaya Goddess Lakshmi, Wealth, Unreality, Compassion, Sympathy, An unreal or illusory image, Name of mother of Buddha, Prakriti, Affection, An epithet of Lakshmi, Art, Wisdom, One of the nine shaktis of Vishnu girl 67
Madhavi Madhav's consort, Lakshmi girl 74
Madhubala sweet girl girl 63
Madhuja Made of Honey, Sweet, Honeycomb, The earth girl 77
Madhukari Bee girl 90
Madhulika Nectar girl 88
Madhumalathi Name of a Raga, A flowering creeper girl 72
Madhumalati a flowering creeper girl 63
Madhumalli Royal Jasmine girl 56
Madhumathi Delightful moon girl 78
Madhumitha Sweet person girl 100
Madhunisha pleasant night girl 83
Madhupreetha Goddess Durga, She who likes Honey girl 69
Madhura Sweet, Pleasant girl 94
Madhuri Sweety girl 56
Madhurima Sweet girl girl 51
Madhurya She who has voice sweeter girl 50
Madhushree Beauty of Spring girl 96
Madhushri Beauty of spring girl 86
Madhuvanthi who is sweet like honey girl 61
Madhuvanti Sweet like Honey, Name of a Raga girl 66
Magha Name of a Nakshathra, Months name girl 81
Maha Lakshmi Goddess Lakshmi, Lakshmi the great, Consort of Vishnu, She is the presiding deity at kolhapur, She destroyed a Daitya called Mahal hence she is called mahalsa or Mahalakshmi girl 84
Mahabhadra Ganga river girl 71
Mahadevi Goddess Durga girl 55
Mahakali Goddess Durga girl 71
Mahakantha Earth girl 73
Mahalakshmi Goddess Lakshmi girl 50
Mahalika Woman, Attendant girl 58
Mahanandi Name of a Raga girl 59
Mahathi Name of naradudu Veena, Great girl 82
Mahati great, name of a raaga girl 87
Mahavidya Supreme knowledge girl 95
Mahelika Woman, Attendant girl 63