Sikh Boy Names Starting With B

Name Meaning Gender đź’“Popular
Baaz Falcon; Music; To play An instrument; Eagle boy 92
Babaljeet Full with Love boy 74
Bableen Imbued in lord's name boy 95
Bachan Promise boy 68
Bachanbir Brave; Who keeps his promise boy 62
Bachint Without worry boy 83
Bachittar Wounderous Merits boy 75
Baghinder Tiger; King boy 66
Bahadar Brave man boy 87
Bahadur One who is brave and courageous boy 101
Bahadurjit Victory of the brave boy 57
Baksheesh Divine blessing boy 98
Balaknath Child master boy 100
Balbeer Powerful boy 81
Balbhag Fortunate and powerful boy 57
Balbir strong boy 81
Baldeb God like in power, Another name of Balram boy 73
Baldeep Creative and idealistic boy 82
Baldev God of strength boy 67
Baldev; Baldeb Godlike in power; Another Name of Balram boy 80
Balhaar Surrounded by strength boy 87
Balihar Sacrifice; Devotion boy 86
Balinder Lord Krishna; Strong and powerful God boy 59
Baljeet; Baljit Mighty Victorious boy 80
Baljinder One who cares for others boy 64
Baljit Mighty victorious; Mighty victor boy 97
Baljiwan Life with strength boy 64
Balkar Mighty creator boy 64
Balmeet Powerful friend; Mighty friend boy 82
Balmohan One who is attractive boy 84
Balpreet Mighty Love boy 76
Balraj mighty, powerful boy 71
Baltej One with glorious might boy 96
Balvan Powerful and mighty boy 52
Balvinder; Balvindra Strong boy 64
Balvindra strong boy 79
Balvir Strong Soldier boy 51
Balwant Of immense strength, Lord Hanuman, Full of might boy 58
Balwinder Powerful king boy 93
Banda A person who is emotional and loving boy 85
Baninder Word of the God of Heaven boy 69
Banjeet Victory of the forest boy 99
Banjot Light of forest boy 77
Banmeet Friend of forest boy 59
Banpaul Fosterer of forest boy 97
Bansmeet Friendly descendant boy 69
Banspal Fosterer of descendant boy 66
Barinder Lord of the ocean boy 70
Barindra ocean boy 61
Barminder God have given beauty boy 74