Sikh Boy Names Starting With E

Name Meaning Gender đź’“Popular
Easharbir A brave and Godly person boy 50
Eashardeep Godly light boy 97
Easharjeet God's victory boy 95
Easharjot Light of the gods boy 90
Easharnaam Absorbed in the name of God boy 50
Easharpreet Lover of God boy 79
Easharprem Lover of God boy 98
Eashartek God's support boy 96
Easharveer God's warrior boy 93
Eckjeet The only victorious boy 75
Eeren Lovable boy 73
Ekaagar One minded; Absorbed in meditation of one; One pointed boy 68
Ekagar One minded; Absorbed in meditation of one; One pointed boy 58
Ekam Oneness; United; Unmatched; Brahman or the supreme spirit boy 89
Ekambir One heroic God boy 58
Ekamdeep Light of two persons in just one baby boy 99
Ekamjeet One who depicts oneness  boy 97
Ekamjot God’s light; Special; One view of God boy 80
Ekamkar Only one creator boy 88
Ekampreet One who loves God  unisex 51
Ekamprem Love of the supreme being boy 90
Ekanjeet God's Triumph boy 77
Ekanjot One light of God boy 50
Ekankar Only one creator boy 99
Ekanpreet Love For God boy 94
Ekantpreet Love for solitude boy 73
Ekbir Only brave boy 72
Ekjit Victorious one boy 76
Ekjot God is one boy 64
Ekkam One; United; First one boy 76
Ersheen God's Beauty boy 55
Esharbir God's warrior; Victorious; Almighty God boy 91
Esharveer God's warrior boy 74
Esharvir God's warrior; Victorious; Almighty God boy 77
Eshwarjeet Victory of God boy 93
Etebar Belief; Faith; Trust boy 100
Etibar Belief; Faith; Trust boy 92
Ettaleen So much absorbed boy 60
Eveleen Bringer of light, Lively, Unselfish boy 62