Sikh Boy Names Starting With L

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Laavindeep Illuminated; infused lamp; Bright future boy 94
Lajpal Protector of honour boy 74
Lajpreet Lajpreet means Love of Honour  boy 66
Lajprem Lajprem means honorable boy 53
Lajwant Honourable; Modest boy 91
Lakhabir Brave as hundred thousand boy 58
Lakhmeet A friend of hundred thousand boy 71
Lakhminder Lord of hundred thousand boy 99
Lakhpreet One who is loved by many boy 96
Lakhprem Love of hundred thousand boy 95
Lakhsman Quality of mind boy 100
Lakhviar Heroic quality boy 87
Lakhvir Brave as hundred thousand boy 89
Lakhwinder Lakh-w-inder-meaning is the man who has defeated lakhs of Inder's (Indian Lord Indra) boy 70
Lakshmireet Lucky soul boy 58
Lalit name of Lord Krishna, attractive boy 57

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boy 78
Lashkar Army boy 95
Lavindeep Illuminated; infused lamp; Bright future boy 58
Lavpreet Swaggerific boy 55
Livaatam Absorbed in the soul boy 63
Livavtar Love incarnate boy 54
Livchet Absorbed in remembrance of God boy 59
Livchit Absorbed in consciousness boy 82
Livdeep Absorbed in the light of God; Illuminated love boy 79
Livgiaan Absorbed in divine knowledge boy 92
Livjeevan A life absorbed in God boy 90
Livkamal Divineness symbolised as a lotus boy 84
Livnaam Absorbed in naam boy 64
Livpreet Love of adoration; Absorbed in a gem of the holy word; Beloved boy 50
Livsharan Absorbed in the Lotus feet of God boy 83
Livtar Love unending boy 84
Lochanpal Protector of desires and wishes boy 75
Lochanpreet Love for desires boy 66
Lokmeet A friend of the people boy 58
Lokpal It is a Sikh name that means defender boy 76
Lokpreet Lover of people boy 78
Lokprem One who loves people boy 74
Lokraaj Rule of the people boy 59
Lokroop Sikh name that means,'Embodiment of the people' boy 62
Loksewak Absorbed in serving others boy 50
Lovdeep Attachment to illumination boy 97
Lovedeep One who is very benevolent boy 78
Lovejeet Who wins the heart boy 96
Lovepreet Loving boy 98
Lovleen Absorbed; Imbued; Infused boy 57
Lovpreet Love for adoration boy 76
Lovprem Love of adoration boy 86
Luvdeep Illuminated absorbtion boy 65