Telangana Girl Names Starting With L

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Laakini Divine, A Goddess who gives and takes girl 70
Laalima Reddish glow; Supreme; Beautiful; Charming; Symbol girl 59
Laalithya Beauty; Softness girl 60
Laashya Dance performed by Goddess Parvati girl 55
Laasritha Cute; Pretty looking and well natured girl 52
Laasya Sensual dance, a bhava girl 82
Laasyavi Smile of Goddess Lalita girl 65
Laavanya Grace, Beauty; beauty girl 60
Labangalata a flowering creeper girl 61
Labanya Grace, Beauty girl 58
Labdhi Heavenly power girl 55
Labha Profit girl 82
Laboni Graceful girl 51
Labonya Brilliant, Beautiful girl 98
Labuki Musical instrument girl 80
Ladhi Sangeet girl 97
Ladli Loved one girl 86
Laghima Goddess Parvathi girl 83
Laghu Quick girl 71
Laghuvi Tender girl 52
Lahari Sweet girl 84
Laharipriya Submissive girl 54
Laher Wave girl 89

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girl 66
Laiba Female of the haven girl 98
Lajita Modest, shy girl 95
Lajitha Modest girl 54
Lajja modesty girl 89
Lajjaka Modesty girl 79
Lajjana Modesty girl 57
Lajjawati shy, modest woman girl 65
Lajjita Modest, Shied, Shy, Blushing girl 84
Lajvanti shy, 'touch me not' plant girl 66
Lajvathi Shy girl 85
Lajvati shy girl 55
Lajwanti modest girl 89
Lajwati modest girl 95
Lakashokavinashini Name of Godess Lakshmi girl 68
Lakhi Goddess Laxmi girl 62
Laksetha Distinguished girl 56
Laksha Aim girl 51
Lakshaki Goddess Sita girl 90
Lakshana auspicious signs girl 62
Lakshanya one who achieves unisex 57
Laksheta Distinguished girl 55
Lakshetha Distinguished girl 62
Lakshika Aim, Lakshya girl 52
Lakshita Distinguished girl 75
Lakshitha Distinguished, Regarded girl 80
Lakshmi Goddess of Wealth girl 68